Why Auction?

Usually, properties are marketed via conventional methods, however this can often involve:

  • A lengthy process.
  • No firm commitment from buyer.
  • A high risk of a sale falling through.
  • No firm date for completion of the sale.
  • Re-negotiation of price after the sale is agreed.

At Oak Leigh Sales and Lettings, we partnered with Pattison Auction to quickly eliminate these traditional pitfalls and allow for a quick, efficient exchange of your property for the maximum price in todays market at a 0% Sales Fee.

Our Auction Department has over 30 years of experience selling property across the UK accumulating over 6.5 million page views per year via Online Bidding Platforms. We guarantee your property receives maximum exposure to attract as many potential buys as possible.

Did you know?

Less than 1% of our auction sales fall through. Compared to approximately 30% of private treaty sales in the UK.

Auction properties come in all shapes, styles and values. It’s a common misconception that only run-down and distressed properties sell at auction; however, this is not the case.

We’ve successfully sold properties all over the UK ranging from detached family homes to stylish loft-style apartments.